Why we love Dropbox (and you should too)!!!

I always think there is some sort of jinx I’m surrounded with when it comes to data storage. Phones that have stopped working or laptops dying in the middle of a big assignment (would you believe I lost 70 GB of photographs and videos from my hard disk and then two weeks later my computer crashed and I lost all my engagement pictures? There was nothing that the techs could do).

Recently when my Sony Vaio started showing signs of old age and my phone running out of storage constantly (thanks to Instagram and the need to post), the husband suggested I take a look at Dropbox.

Dropbox offers cloud storage, personal cloud and file synchronization. What it means is

1. Making life easier for lazy people like me who don’t have the patience to back up their files

2. You don’t have to constantly worry about your data being lost because of a broken Hard Disk or computer.

Now, the question becomes why Dropbox and why you should choose it?

Why we love Dropbox
Dropbox is in competition with companies like Google Drive, One Drive etc but the biggest difference is the ability to automatically delete images from your phone.

How is that a good thing?

Imagine being out at a wedding and taking pictures. Suddenly your phone says “out of storage space”. If you are anything like me your going to spend the next few minutes trying to delete pictures unless someone hands you a phone. So with the Carousel app linked to Dropbox all it takes is a click to ensure you’ve made storage space on your phone to click photographs.

(Carousel is an app from Dropbox. It automatically backs up all the photos and videos to the Dropbox)

Another really cool feature I’ve been liking is this notification on Carousel called “Flashback”. What it does is randomly notifies you of a really old picture that you had forgotten about. In my case last week it was a picture from my wedding taken two years ago. So on the day of our anniversary I had a notification that took me straight to these pictures 😀

Talking about photo albums, Carousel also organizes your images according to date and place which makes it easier to browse at a later stage.It also enables you to share the album with others who can view the images and videos clicked on your phone. 

Do you really need more reasons to like Dropbox now?

These are my thoughts on Dropbox. How do you store your files and images for personal use?

Although Dropbox is what I use for my personal file storage, I have something even better for Businesses.

Stay Tuned for my next post where I talk about file storage for Companies.

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